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Terms of service – Lolcoloring.com

This website is owned by us (Lolcoloringcool) responsible for the content on the site.
When you use our products, you agree to our terms. You can leave the website immediately if you do not meet the terms specified on the website, and of course, you may not use any products.
Our products on the website are suitable for everyone, and all users must abide by all the terms we set. You can download, print, or enjoy directly on our website Lolcoloring.com. You can also refer to our drawing tutorials to create pictures with your drawing and coloring skills. However, you have no right to do anything without our permission.
We also always encourage users to be creative. Therefore, if you have suggestions about the content and quality of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our site. And you are solely responsible for your content. All your creations will have to meet the following terms:
Does your content infringe copyright with any 3rd party?
Your content is not malicious and must be relevant to the user needs of our website.
Approval of the content of our website will follow the standard process of Lolcoloring.com through our Contact part.


Lolcoloring.com disclaims responsibility for advertising content provided by a third party. Therefore, the advertising content may also change according to the release of the 3rd party, so always ensure that you accept our terms of service throughout the process of using our services.
If you want to stop using them, you can disregard our constraints.
We also cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to some of our websites. However, we always try our best for your access to our website. If you have problems accessing it, please let us know. Because sometimes, the process of interruption when accessing the website is due to maintenance, upgrading the website to make our products more perfect, or simply preventing unauthorized exploitation of the content of our website.
Lolcoloring.com is responsible for all content published on the website and constantly changes to make the product better, closer, and more suitable to user needs.