The Holiday is the day when people can pause their work to rest and spend time with family, themselves, or friends. They will organize travel, outings, eating out, or join in small parties with relatives. Depending on the culture of each region or a different country, there will be different holidays. Holidays can be regulated by a religious or cultural organization but can also be controlled by the government. In general, a holiday is a celebration of an event of an artistic nature in that country. We all need Holiday because this is the time for us to rest after a long time of working. There's a lot you can do during the holidays because it's a time for you to do things yourself. There are many well-known holidays worldwide, such as Christmas, Happy New Year, International Labor Day, Valentine's Day, Women's day, Men's day, etc.

The Meaning Of Holidays

Holidays are also an opportunity to express your feelings to your loved ones; you can prepare meaningful gifts for them during the Holiday. And most of all, kids will respond to the holidays because they don't have to go to school, don't have to do homework, and receive many gifts from their parents or relatives. Holiday coloring pages on our website will show you all images related to holidays with different subjects, such as Christmas or Happy New Year. We update all Holiday related images under each tag, and you can choose the images according to your preferences. You can enjoy them directly on our website or download and print our products to make coloring later.

Holidays of the year

There are many holidays each year, and they bring different meanings. For example, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus; Happy new year is the celebration of the new year, etc. And each Holiday will bring us different emotions and different preparations. For many people, the holidays are a precious time for them to spend with their loved ones because they are normally busy with work and relationships. So coloring pages holiday also has the task of reminding you of other tasks besides your work. So, enjoy our products with high-quality images


Christmas day is December 25; according to Christians, this is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas will last from the night of December 24 to December 25. These days, people will hold small parties with family and loved ones. You will also get many beautiful pictures on our site in this tag, such as cute Christmas or Disney Christmas Image you can choose one or more coloring pages and enjoy later.

Happy New Year

It is the end of an old year and the beginning of a new year. This is when people rush all the unfinished work to complete the schedule. This is also an opportunity for people to relax after a long working day, spend time with friends, travel, or do some things for themselves. Depending on economic conditions and cultural customs, the country sets a time for the New Year. It might be January 1, but some countries also extend the happy new year holiday period from Christmas to January 1. You can prepare gifts or small parties with wine and bubbles so that everyone can enjoy themselves together. This is also an opportunity to show your love to your loved ones. You also can enjoy many coloring pages in this tag on our site, such as Calendar Image For Kids For Kids. Your task here is to choose suitable colors and create a nice picture. The holiday coloring page will bring you many beautiful images, from simple to complex, with many details, ideal for all subjects.


It is a holiday for lovers to take place. This is when lovers show their affection with material or spiritual gifts. Coming to Valentines' Coloring pages, you will also get many images to enjoy related to love. Usually, people will prepare roses, candles, and balloons to create romance for the party for Valentine. You can refer to Valentine coloring sheets on our websites. Many images are regularly updated by us and free of charge. You can visit our site daily to ensure you don't miss any products.

Colors For Holidays

Do you also think our Holiday images are very attractive? With these images, you can choose striking colors to paint for the pictures. For someone who can fade, you can choose from many colors to create a good color. There are many colors to choose from in the colors tableau. For example, to color for Christmas, you will choose white for the snow, green for the Christmas tree, and red for Santa Claus. For the happy new year, you can choose red or pink for fireworks; then you can use other colors for wine and mix colors like blue, yellow, or violet to make the new year party more brilliant. But if you are a person who likes simplicity and gentleness, you can make something simple with delicate colors such as white and green, or you can combine these two colors together; you will have a picture with gentle colors. In addition to our suggestions, you can also choose different colors in your palette according to your preferences to create beautiful paintings. Making nice images from coloring pages is an artistic, creative process and requires everyone to have different creativity.,


Holidays in a year depend on the situation of each country in the world, and usually, the government of that country will regulate holidays except for world holidays such as Christmas or Happy New Year. Our site is where your kids can show their coloring and drawing skills, helping them have the best fun time. This is a suitable environment for your kids to get a great time. You can better understand your kids through our educational products and I hope you get a great time with our Holiday category.
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