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We have realized that the use of coloring pages is highly beneficial for the psychological and physical development of children. You can find further information on these benefits at Ripplekindness.org. Our website, Lolcoloring.com, has been specifically designed to help children improve their painting skills and tap into their artistic potential, leading to a happier life.

At Lolcoloring.com, we offer free coloring pages and drawing tutorials to promote creativity and develop coloring and drawing skills. Our products cater to a wide range of ages, including preschoolers, teenagers, and adults. Our website contains a wide variety of topics to choose from, providing an entertaining and suitable option for both you and your kids.

The images on our website are designed by Stex, while the contents are written by CEO Alex Nguyen, both of whom have years of experience in child psychology research. This means that our products and content are specifically designed with kids in mind and offer numerous benefits for their growth and development. With our expertise and experience, we aim to provide realistic and helpful coloring pages and drawing tutorials that will bring enjoyment and leisure to your life.

Our Vision

Founded by experts in child psychology, our team consists of image designers and writers specialized in creating content for kids. For over a decade, we have brought together a network of individuals who are dedicated to researching and working for the benefit of children. Our vision is to bring together individuals who are passionate about working in the field of child development. We aim to provide a platform where children from all over the world, who share a love for drawing and coloring, can connect and engage in healthy entertainment, away from harmful games. Our ultimate goal is to bring happiness and joy to the lives of kids.

Our mission

Create a network between parents and children who share the same passion for art and the goal of creating a comfortable learning environment for children. We also always encourage children and people with a passion for painting to be creative, so they have the opportunity to develop their drawing and coloring skills. In addition, we provide a solution for everyone to freely draw and color by directly enjoying our site or downloading and printing to paper and enjoying later.


You can use our educational products by downloading, printing, or coloring online with coloring pages. You can refer to our drawing guides and create some things you like. Drawing and coloring will help you develop many skills in art and life, such as concentration, pen, color recognition, etc. They are perfect for our development, especially your kids. You will not have to pay any fees for using our services. It’s straightforward, you need to visit our website and choose your favorite items with just a few simple clicks, and you have a perfect entertainment channel without going to the store or supermarket or bookstore.
We update our educational products regularly, so please visit our website to ensure you get all the products.
You can find coloring pages and how to draw part on your favorite theme. We hope you have a wonderful time on our website Lolcoloring.com. If you have any questions about us or our products, please let us know in the contact part!


How do I print the coloring pages?
Look for the “Print picture” button on the coloring page, or right-click on the image and select “Print”. Make sure your printer is connected and has enough ink and paper.
Can I share the coloring pages on social media?
Yes, our website allows you to share your finished coloring pages on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use the website’s share button or download the image and upload it yourself.
What type of coloring tools should I use, such as crayons, markers, or colored pencils after printing coloring pages?
The type of coloring tool you use depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer markers for vibrant colors, while others prefer colored pencils for precision and control. Experiment with different tools to find the ones that work best for you.
Are your coloring pages appropriate for all ages?
It depends on the coloring pages on our website. Some images are offered specifically for kids, while others have more complex designs that may be more suitable for older users. Check the tags or categories before enjoying for more information
Are there any tips or tutorials on how to color the pages effectively?
Our websites offer tips and tutorials on how to color the pages and how to draw effectively. Look for the “Tips” or “Tutorials” page on the website for more information.
Is there a community or forum for sharing tips and showing off finished coloring pages?
Our websites have a community or forum for sharing tips and showing off finished coloring pages. Look for the “Community” or “Forum” page on our website such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more information.

Our Business Information

Company name: Arts Creativity
Address: 477 Broadway, 2nd FL, New York, United States